Farm fresh chicken          eggs and meat 

After a lengthy approval and inspection process we are glad to announce that our hay fields are officially certified as USDA-Organic. If you need certified organic feed or just prefer the highest quality hay for your animals and livestock then I know you will be completely satisfied with our hay. If you want to pick it up straight from the farm or have it delivered in 200 bale increments give us a call so that we can discuss your needs further.

Laying hens

Alfalfa and orchard grass hay

As our chicken flock changes during the year we sometimes have young or laying hens and roosters available for sale. If you need to replace your hens quickly or don't have success in raising your chickens from chicks lets us help you fulfill your chicken needs.

Our Heritage collection of Delaware, Buff Orpington and Barred Rock chickens live a calm and peaceful life pastured on our certified organic hay fields. From Day 1 we only feed them high quality certified organic feed and let them free roam within a protected pasture. This allows them free choice of feeding environments and makes for the highest quality eggs you can buy. We supply eggs by the dozen or larger quantities for local restaurants.