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Chicks into Brooder - Feb, Mar, May


Chickens Out in Small Field - Mid March, large field and chicken tractor Mid-May


First Cut of Hay -May (weather permitting)

our fields started from a seed

job opportunities

Farm Hand

If you have a genuine passion for hard work, getting dirty and raising and growing your own food, contact us to discuss potential volunteer and paid positions on the farm.  


We had slowly built a small business selling herbs and flowers and when we decided to expand, we knew that we wanted to grow organically and sustainably. The farm that we purchased was old (dating from the 1900's) and hadn't had a owner/farmer in years. After lots of heartache and hard work the farm house was fully restored, but the land still needed to be replenished after years of conventional agriculture.

Using multiple techniques that I had learnt from my father and Grandmother we cultivated and planted certified organic Alfalfa, Orchard Grass and Timothy Hay seeds and our fields have been thriving ever since.

We now harvest three cuts of hay on our non-irrigated fields, and after each cut the hay seems to get better and better. We supply to small and large stables, beef cattle and even rabbit farms and it brings such satisfaction to continue on a tradition in our family that goes back generations of hay-makers.

As our farm continues to expand we have added pastured poultry eggs and meat to our farm plan. This compliments our Alfalfa/Orchard Grass hay as our chickens roam our certified organic hay pasture.